SEOCHC has identified the following strategic directions and goals for 2012 – 2017.

Focus Area – Strategic Direction Goal
  1. Advocacy – Promote social change to enhance the health and well-being of individuals and communities
1.1 Advocate for safe, secure healthy, affordable housing for Ottawa residents1.2 Demonstrate the value of the CHC Model to community leaders, decision-makers and funders

1.3 Work at all levels for improved services for mental health and addiction within the SEOCHC catchment

  1.  Social Capital – Build the capacity of communities to take control of the factors influencing their health and well-being
2.1 Increase collaboration to build safe and vibrant neighbourhoods2.2 Build civic engagement

2.3 Increase community members’ awareness of CHCs

  1. Quality Care and Services – Provide high-quality programs and services
3.1 Increase access to programs and services3.2 Increase effectiveness and efficiency of programs and services

3.3 Build collective CHC capacity to address health equity

3.4 Improve and increase CHC capacity to measure health outcomes

3.5 Create a culture where staff continuously work to improve the quality of client experience

  1. Health Equity – Ensure vulnerable populations have equal access to, experience of, and outcomes from care and services
4.1 Increase outreach to vulnerable and marginalized populations4.2 Increase effectiveness in offering services to vulnerable and marginalized populations
  1. Organizational Capacity – Continually adapt our workplace practices to strengthen the health of the organization
5.1 Attract and retain qualified staff, students and volunteers5.2 Provide a work environment valued by staff, students and volunteers

5.3 Streamline date collection and reporting

5.4 Improve organizational structures and work flow processes