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Important Disclaimer for SEOCHC Virtual Visits

Prior to your first video visit (“eVisit”), you will be asked to consent to receiving your care virtually. Please note that once consent is given, it is your right to withdraw or place limitations on this consent at any time.

A virtual care appointment does not replace being seen in person, and there are circumstances (e.g. physical assessment is required) where your care provider may need to see you in person to provide a service.

Virtual visits are encrypted to help ensure that your visit is private and confidential. Our providers follow our Centre’s privacy policies and procedures to ensure that your confidentiality is maintained. However, due to risks outside of our control, please note that phone calls and video visits will never be as secure as in-person visits.

You are encouraged to conduct your virtual visit in a private setting. SEOCHC cannot be held responsible for any breach of confidentiality occurring because of your decision to conduct your virtual visit in an unsecured or public environment.

COVID-19 Symptoms

Our staff will conduct COVID screening at the time of appointment booking and when arriving on site. Healthy adults and children with COVID symptoms can self-isolate and will usually not need to seek medical care unless symptoms are severe. People who are at higher risk of more serious illness may benefit from regular monitoring by their primary care clinic. You may also be eligible for COVID treatments to prevent more serious illness.

For more information about COVID and what to know if you have symptoms, please click here. If you are a Primary Care client, please call us at 613-737-4809 for further assessment if you are having difficulty managing your symptoms.

New Client Inquiry for Primary Care

We are not able to provide healthcare through a walk-in clinic for non-registered clients for medical services.

If you are not able to get accepted as a new client at this point we encourage you to register with Health Care Connect (HCC) or at 1-800-445-1822 for assistance to find a primary care provider in your area. When our clinic has capacity to accept new clients, we will call people from our waiting list.

If you have already tried to register, but our waitlist is full, here are some suggestions:

  • Follow up with us quarterly to see if there is any progress.
  • Contact clinics in your area directly to inquire about becoming a patient.
  • Find a walk-in clinic that is available and try to keep going to the same walk-in clinic so that they start to build a file of your health history. Many of them have websites to check when they are open and what their wait time is.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please select the nursing clinic button in order to book your virtual appointment.

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