Free Caregivers Well-being Workshop

Join us this winter on Zoom for a 4 week series of free virtual educational workshops for caregivers. Register today to learn various ways to support your mental health and help prevent caregiver burnout. FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO REGISTER FOR ANY WORKSHOP, CONTACT EMILIE LEBLANC BY CALLING (613) 737-5115 EXT. 2391, OR BY SENDING […]

Workshop: Healthy Eating for Your Heart

Learn about nutrition and the ways in which our food and lifestyle choices can impact our heart health. This workshop will take place on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, from 7:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.  To register, please email Annette:

Sick Children – Medical Resources

Below are resources parents can use for medical help, if their children are sick. About Respiratory Illnesses Where To Seek Care Routine Vaccination Schedule MOH Letter for Childcare_Oct. 18 2023

Volunteer Driver –

OBJECTIVE:      Transportation for older adults and adults with disabilities  to essential services is vital to remain healthy and independent at home.  DUTIES:           Provide transportation services to essential health service appointments.  Coordinate all trips through the Community Support Services Coordinator and/or delegate  Inform Coordinator/delegate of your up to date availability  Call the […]

Logo for South East Ottawa Community Health Centre

مَرْكَزُ جَنوبِ شَرْقِ أُوتَاوَا لِلصِّحَّةِ المُجْتَمَعيَّةِ هوَ مُنَظَّمَةٌ غَيْرُ رِبْحيَّةٍ يَحْكُمُها المُجْتَمَعُ المَحَلّيُّ وَتَقَدَّمُ مَجْموعَةٌ مِنْ الخِدْمَاتِ مُتَعَدِّدَةِ التَّخَصُّصَاتِ لِمُعَالَجَةِ العَوامِلِ الْإِجْتِمَاعِيَّةِ المُحَدَّدَةِ لِلصِّحَّةِ .


إِتْصَلُ بِنَا

1355 شارع البنك
 الطّابَقُ السّادِسُ
أوتاوا ، ON
K1H 8K7
3320 بول أنكا درايف
أوتاوا ، ON
K1V 0J9


مَعَ المُوَظَّفِينَ وَالمُتَطَوِّعِينَ المُتَحَمِّسِينَ ، نَحْنُ عَلَى إِسْتِعْدَادٍ لِدَعْمِكَ فِي أَيِّ وَقْتٍ .