OBJECTIVE:      Transportation for older adults and adults with disabilities

 to essential services is vital to remain healthy and independent at home.


  • Provide transportation services to essential health service appointments.
  •  Coordinate all trips through the Community Support Services Coordinator and/or delegate
  •  Inform Coordinator/delegate of your up to date availability
  •  Call the client the day before the appointment to confirm pick up details.
  • Be punctual and dependable in picking up the client at the scheduled time
  •  Maintain confidentiality regarding client information
  •  Ensure regular vehicle maintenance to ensure safety of clients – seat belts must be available and worn at all times
  • Assist the client in and out of the car as needed
  • Support the client to get into their appointment as needed.
  • Record mileage for the purpose of reimbursement.
  • Immediately report incidences, accidents or concerns to the                                coordinator / delegate


  •  Access to a vehicle that is roadworthy, reliable and suitable for client’s needs
  • Valid driver’s license, and a safe driving record
  •  Proof of $2 million liability insurance, and current vehicle registration
  • Reliable and patient.
  •   Good listening and communication skills in English. Fluency in any other language(s) is an  asset
  •   No health conditions that may impair ability to drive safely (vision, hearing, perception,  reflexes, certain medications, etc.)
  •   Demonstrate sensitivity towards needs of some older adults and adults with disabilities, such as mobility impairment and/or mental health.
  •   Proof that driver has advised his/her personal auto insurer of the use of his/her vehicle on behalf of SEOCHC.
  • Provide annual updates on vehicle insurance policy and registration 
  • Attend driver training as offered 
  • Ensure up to date personal information is kept on file 
  • Orientation to agency guidelines and compliance with program and procedures  

LOCATION:   Drives are within the city of Ottawa.

TIME COMMITMENT:    Typically, the time requirement is once a week, for two or three hours as required. Schedule is flexible. Anytime between 8 am-4 pm

 Must be a resident of Ottawa, Ontario Canada



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