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At South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre (SEOCHC) we are a non-profit, community-governed organization that provides a range programs and services to our clients. Services include: primary care, health promotion, social services, community and resource development, home support and advocacy. As a community health centre supporting the wellness of the community, we focus on supporting those who face barriers related to the social determinants of health, and / or those who face barriers to accessing health and social services. Barriers could be related to; income, race, disability, language, social capital, ethnicity, sexuality and gender.

We are governed by a Board of Directors which is comprised of members who live within and represent the diversity of the SEOCHC community.

The SEOCHC catchment area is defined as the area bounded by the Rideau River and Industrial Avenue/Innes Road to the north, Highway 417 to the east, the Rideau River to the west, and Hunt Club Road to the south.

SEOCHC is a member of local and provincial networks of community-based organizations serving diverse communities. Memberships in these coalitions enables SEOCHC to network with partner organizations, maintain a pulse on community needs, establish collective impact initiatives, and deliver relevant quality care to our communities.

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South-East Ottawa is one of 13 similar centres in Ottawa, forming part of the Coalition of Community Health and Resource Centres in Ottawa.  The work of the Coalition throughout Ottawa is vital to the health of our city. Learn More: www.coalitionottawa.ca

South-East Ottawa is a member of the provincial Alliance for Healthier Communities. Community-governed, inter-professional, primary health care organizations operating in Ontario form the membership of this alliance, and share the goal of working toward the best possible health and well being for people in Ontario. Learn More: www.allianceon.org

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South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre (SEOCHC) is a non-profit, community-governed organization that provides a range of multi-disciplinary services to address the social determinants of health.



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With enthusiastic employees and volunteers, we are ready to support you no matter any time.

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