Sick Children – Medical Resources

Below are resources parents can use for medical help, if their children are sick. About Respiratory Illnesses Where To Seek Care Routine Vaccination Schedule MOH Letter for Childcare_Oct. 18 2023

Volunteer Driver –

OBJECTIVE:      Transportation for older adults and adults with disabilities  to essential services is vital to remain healthy and independent at home.  DUTIES:           Provide transportation services to essential health service appointments.  Coordinate all trips through the Community Support Services Coordinator and/or delegate  Inform Coordinator/delegate of your up to date availability  Call the […]

List of Children’s Books – Black History Month

At SEOCHC, Black History Month 2023 is dedicated to the celebration of Black resistance and resilience. Valerie Marsh, SEOCHC Professional Learning Leader, has put together a list of children’s books for Black History Month 2023. We encourage everyone, particularly parents, to share these stories and uplift Black voices.

ACB Mental Health Peer Support Group

South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre is proud to support the ACB Mental Health Peer Support Group, offering FREE weekly virtual peer group programming to all ACB community members aged 18+. This respectful and safe space offers ACB community members living with mental health challenges a space to foster hope, and encouragement, and share resources that […]

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South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre (SEOCHC) is a non-profit, community-governed organization that provides a range of multi-disciplinary services to address the social determinants of health.



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